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September 11, 2019

New Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Charger - Xiaomi Mi Band 4 ChargeDock Now Available

BoxWave is now shipping the ChargeDock for the Xiaomi Mi Band 4!

Get better use of your Xiaomi Mi Band 4!

Keep life simple with BoxWave's new ChargeDock! Now you can charge your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 on your desk! Suitable for everyday life!

GREAT VIEWING ANGLE: You will enjoy the appropriate viewing angle the ChargeDock gives while your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is being charged! Don’t lose track of your updates just because you are charging it!

PERFECT FIT: Designed specifically for your Xiaomi Mi Band 4, just place it onto the ChargeDock and it will securely fit into place!

EASY TO USE: The ChargeDock is 100% compatible with your Xiaomi Mi Band 4! Plug it into any USB power source and the ChargeDock will quickly charge your device with a long lasting battery life.

PORTABLE DESIGN: Travel ready, the ChargeDock is compact and lightweight. Fits perfectly in your purse or pocket.

BUILT TO LAST: Made with Durable Polycarbonate Material that is sure to last. (Please note: Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is not included.)

You can find more information about the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 ChargeDock and other Xiaomi Mi Band 4 travel chargers and Xiaomi Mi Band 4 accessories by BoxWave.