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December 1, 2020

New Apple iPhone 12 Pro Screen Protector - Apple iPhone 12 Pro CameraGuard Lens Protector Now Available

BoxWave is now shipping the CameraGuard Lens Protector for the Apple iPhone 12 Pro!

Phone cameras are great! They conveniently capture the important moments of our lives! However, because the camera lenses protrude from the device itself, it’s important to protect them from scratches and fractures.

BoxWave’s CameraGuard Lens Protector is a DISCRETE LENS COVER that protects the camera lens of your Apple iPhone 12 Pro from drops and scratches. Made with ULTRA-STRONG, 9H tempered glass construction, this glass protector is virtually indestructible!

With 99% VISUAL TRANSPARENCY, the CameraGuard Lens Protector keeps the vivid colors and clarity of your cameras, and does not affect the quality of your photos or videos!

The CameraGuard Lens Protector is incredibly easy to install, for a BUBBLE-FREE installation in less than a minute! Simply remove the protective backing, and press down to adhere securely onto your lens.

The CameraGuard Lens Protector uses a GLUELESS adhesive to stick to your Apple iPhone 12 Pro’s lens, so you’ll never have to worry about sticky residue when it comes time to remove or replace it. Just peel it off and you’re done!

Don't scratch or break the lens on your Apple iPhone 12 Pro! Get BoxWave's CameraGuard Lens Protector!

You can find more information about the Apple iPhone 12 Pro CameraGuard Lens Protector and other Apple iPhone 12 Pro screen protectors and Apple iPhone 12 Pro accessories by BoxWave.