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October 18, 2019

New Apple iPhone 11 Case - Apple iPhone 11 Pure Crystal Slip Now Available

BoxWave is now shipping the Pure Crystal Slip for the Apple iPhone 11!

When you purchase a beautiful Apple iPhone 11, the last thing you want to do is to cover it up with an ugly, bulky case! That’s why BoxWave developed the Pure Crystal Slip, so that you can protect your Apple iPhone 11 while showing off the original design of your device.

Stylish, unique, and functional. BoxWave's Pure Crystal Slip for the Apple iPhone 11 is an ultra low profile rubberized case. This case is LESS THAN 1MM, giving you the original look and feel of your Apple iPhone 11!

The Pure Crystal Slip is constructed with ANTI-SLIP and cushioned rubberized TPU material to improve your grip on the Apple iPhone 11.

Using the highest-grade TPU materials, the Pure Crystal Slip wraps around your Apple iPhone 11 perfectly like an extra layer of skin. It prevents accidental bumps and scratches to give you PEACE OF MIND as you handle your Apple iPhone 11.

Perfectly designed for your Apple iPhone 11, the Pure Crystal Slip follows its every curve and angle. PRECISE cut-outs offer access to every port, button, speakers, microphone and camera. You will have full access to all of the functionality, as if there was no case at all!

Utilizing micro-particle TECHNOLOGY unseen with the naked eye, the Pure Crystal Slip prevents itself from clinging onto the back of the Apple iPhone 11. This gives you a uniform and clean look. It is also equipped with lanyard holes on the bottom left corner, in case you’d like to securely tote your Apple iPhone 11.

Show off the full beauty of your Apple iPhone 11 while protecting it with the BoxWave Pure Crystal Slip!

You can find more information about the Apple iPhone 11 Pure Crystal Slip and other Apple iPhone 11 cases and covers and Apple iPhone 11 accessories by BoxWave.