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September 11, 2019

New Amazfit Cor 2 Cable - Amazfit Cor 2 DirectCharge Cable Now Available

BoxWave is now shipping the DirectCharge Cable for the Amazfit Cor 2!

BoxWave's DirectCharge Cable is your perfect go-to cable to replenish your Amazfit Cor 2's battery!

It's SIMPLE, QUICK, yet HIGH QUALITY! The DirectCharge cable is up to the task at hand! Just plug the connector into your Amazfit Cor 2, and plug the USB end into any USB Power source, your Amazfit Cor 2 will charge in no time!

Utilizing universal USB standards, you can charge using ANY STANDARD USB POWER SOURCE, such as a computer, car charger, wall charger, or power bank!

While costing at a FRACTION of your original cable, the DirectCharge Cable is built with high quality. The polyurethane cable is strong and heat-resistant, and the strong rubber grommets act as strain relief to prevent the cable from fraying over time. Keep an extra DirectCharge Cable (or two) in your bag, home, or office!

DirectCharge Cable for Amazfit Cor 2: For when you need a charge, no questions asked!

You can find more information about the Amazfit Cor 2 DirectCharge Cable and other Amazfit Cor 2 cables and Amazfit Cor 2 accessories by BoxWave.