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We found accessories for these Haier devices!  

Haier A600

Haier A66

Haier A7

Haier Alpha A1

Haier Alpha A2 Lite

Haier Alpha A4 Lite

Haier Alpha A5

Haier D6000

Haier F1100

Haier I6 Infinity

Haier K3

Haier L1000

Haier Leisure L7

Haier M1000

Haier M1100

Haier M1200

Haier M150

Haier M160

Haier M180

Haier M2000

Haier M260

Haier M300

Haier M306

Haier M320+

Haier M600 Black Pearl

Haier M80

Haier N60

Haier N70

Haier N90

Haier P5

Haier P6

Haier P7

Haier P8

Haier T3000

Haier Titan T1

Haier Titan T3

Haier Titan T5

Haier U53

Haier U56

Haier U60

Haier U69

Haier V100

Haier V1000

Haier V160

Haier V190

Haier V200

Haier V2000

Haier V280

Haier V6000

Haier V6100

Haier V6200

Haier V700

Haier V7000

Haier V730

Haier Watch

Haier Z100

Haier Z300

Haier Z3000

Haier Z7000

Haier Z7100

Haier Z8000

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