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Verizon Samsung i730

Verizon Samsung i730 miniSync

( non-device specific miniSync used here only for display purposes )

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product code: bw-2-665

Samsung i730 miniSync

The miniSync retractable cable simultaneously charges and synchronizes your Verizon Samsung i730, all in an ultra-portable form factor!

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miniSync Features:

  • Now supports Hi-Speed USB 2.0 data transfers!
  • Synchronizes and charges just like the cradle
  • Innovative retraction and recoil design
  • Extends to 35 inches in length
  • Durable, compact, and lightweight
  • Compatible with Car Charger (High Current Output), Wall Charger, and Battery Adapter PRO!
  • Not compatible with Car Charger for miniSync and VersaCharger PRO

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed by BoxWave 30-day Money-Back

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    Battery Adapter for miniSync

    Product Description

    Special Edition!   Verizon Samsung i730 Sync, Data, and Charging Cable

    Provides wireless high-speed internet at up to 144 Kbps on the Verizon Wireless Express Network!  Now have high-speed internet on your notebook or desktop anywhere the Verizon service is available!

     Winner of Handheld Computing's Top Award!

    "BoxWave's miniSync, an indispensable travel companion for anyone who likes to travel light.  ...  With handheld battery life being what it is, don't leave home without miniSync." - Handheld Computing Magazine

    miniSync for the Verizon Samsung i730 is the perfect travel cable!  It combines a battery charger and data cable into a single ultra-portable solution.  With its new innovative retractable design, you save yourself from the hassle of carrying all the bulky cables to support your Verizon Samsung i730.  miniSync makes it simple and convenient to travel.  Now you don't have to worry about power or data connectivity.

    Just take your Verizon Samsung i730 and miniSync and you're ready to go!

    miniSync Extends and Retracts

    miniSync is compact and its extendable and retractable cable allows it to be organized. When it's retracted, it won't become a tangled mess however you carry it.

    miniSync's Dimensions:

    Size:  Approx. 5.5" H x 1.25" W x .5" D
    Weight:  0.9 oz
    Cable Length:  Extends up to 35"

    (a non-Samsung miniSync is displayed here for illustration only. Actual Verizon Samsung i730 miniSync is as shown at the top of this page.)

    miniSync Goes Wherever You Go

    miniSync was designed with convenience in mind.   Its dual functionality makes it a data cable and battery charger for your Verizon Samsung i730.   This means you won't need to carry a bulky power supply, or wires that tangle into a mess.   Its small size and light weight make miniSync the ultimate portable solution to take with you wherever you go!

    miniSync is Strong and Durable

    miniSync is made with an ultra-thin reinforced cable. Unlike standard cables that can fray and break with constant pulling and stretching, miniSync's cable is durable and able to withstand heavy usage.

    miniSync is capable of supporting the weight of two heavy bricks, which is far more force than would be normally exerted on it in everyday use!

    (Use in this manner is not supported, and not recommended. Demonstrated here to only show the strength of miniSync.)

    miniSync's Operating Instructions

    Gently pull both the USB and Verizon Samsung i730 connector to extend the
    miniSync cable.

    Connect the USB end of miniSync to your computer and the other end to your Verizon Samsung i730.

    You are now ready to use the miniSync to enable data synchronization and wireless internet connectivity through your Verizon Samsung i730 or charge it.

    To retract the miniSync cable, make sure both ends are disconnected from your Verizon Samsung i730 and your computer. Then gently pull both ends of the cable, and miniSync will begin to retract.

    Award and Reviews for miniSync

    "Highly recommended for every mobile professional!"

    - Arne Hesse, PPCW.Net


    - Shaun McGill,

    "This product has earned a permanent place in my gear bag..."

    - Judie Hughes, The Gadgeteer

    "This might be one of the best thought out accessories PDA's have seen in a long time."


    If you don't see miniSync available for your device, you can request a new version to support your device!

    Let us know what you think about the miniSync!

    miniSync's data cable will allow the Verizon Samsung i730 to be used as a high-speed wireless modem!  This enables the user to access the internet, e-mail or fax. miniSync's data cable is fully functional, and has no limiting restrictions.

    Use the following drivers with your miniSync to enable the Verizon Samsung i730 for use as a high-speed wireless modem on a notebook or desktop PC!

    Download: Verizon Samsung i730 USB drivers

    Verizon Wireless and/or other Verizon Wireless products and services referenced herein are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Verizon. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.
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