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We found accessories for these Samsung devices!  

Samsung CL80

Samsung Digimax 101

Samsung Digimax 200

Samsung Digimax 201

Samsung Digimax 202

Samsung Digimax 230

Samsung Digimax 240

Samsung Digimax 250

Samsung Digimax 301

Samsung Digimax 330

Samsung Digimax 340

Samsung Digimax 35 MP3

Samsung Digimax 360

Samsung Digimax 401

Samsung Digimax 410

Samsung Digimax 420

Samsung Digimax 50 DUO

Samsung Digimax 530

Samsung Digimax 800K

Samsung Digimax L60

Samsung Digimax S500

Samsung Digimax S700

Samsung Digimax U-CA 401

Samsung Digimax V3

Samsung Digimax V40

Samsung DualView PL170

Samsung DualView ST100

Samsung DualView TL210

Samsung DualView TL220

Samsung DualView TL225

Samsung DV150F

Samsung DV300

Samsung EC-ST150F

Samsung EK-GC200Z

Samsung ES80

Samsung EX2F

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung Galaxy K zoom

Samsung Galaxy NX

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung GX-10 Digital SLR

Samsung GX-20 Digital SLR

Samsung GX10 DSLR

Samsung GX20 DSLR

Samsung HMX-H200

Samsung HZ30W

Samsung L210

Samsung L77

Samsung NV10

Samsung NV3

Samsung NV7

Samsung NX Mini

Samsung NX1

Samsung NX10

Samsung NX100

Samsung NX2000

Samsung NX30

Samsung NX300

Samsung NX3000

Samsung NX300M

Samsung NX3300

Samsung NX500

Samsung PL120

Samsung PL200

Samsung PL210

Samsung PL90

Samsung Pro815

Samsung SCD103

Samsung SCD107

Samsung SCD180

Samsung SCD23

Samsung SCD24

Samsung SCD27

Samsung SCD29

Samsung SCD303

Samsung SCD33

Samsung SCD34

Samsung SCD39

Samsung SCD590

Samsung SCD86

Samsung SCD903

Samsung SCL770

Samsung SCL870

Samsung SCL901

Samsung SCL907

Samsung SH100

Samsung SL310

Samsung SL50

Samsung SL600

Samsung ST150F

Samsung ST600

Samsung ST65

Samsung ST700

Samsung ST72

Samsung ST95

Samsung TL100

Samsung TL110

Samsung TL205

Samsung TL240

Samsung TL350

Samsung TL500

Samsung WB100

Samsung WB110

Samsung WB1100

Samsung WB210

Samsung WB2100

Samsung WB2200F

Samsung WB250

Samsung WB30F

Samsung WB350

Samsung WB35F

Samsung WB380

Samsung WB50F

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