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August 2, 2012

New iPhone 4 Case - iPhone 4 Vintage Bloom Glow Case Now Available

BoxWave is now shipping BoxWave's Vintage Bloom Glow Case for the iPhone 4!

The Vintage Bloom Glow Case’s glow-in-the-dark feature is not only beautiful but also practical! It will help make finding your iPhone 4 in a dark place, in your purse, and in the middle of the night much easier now! Novel and unique, and coupled with a snazzy, artsy design of mini wallpaper of rosy vintage to fit your every happy mood, the Vintage Bloom Glow Case is sure to add a little skip into your step!

You can find more information about the iPhone 4 Vintage Bloom Glow Case and other iPhone 4 cases and covers and iPhone 4 accessories by BoxWave.