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April 18, 2012

New iPhone 4 Case - iPhone 4 FlexiMug Now Available

BoxWave is now shipping the FlexiMug for the iPhone 4!

You: “I LOVE coffee!”

Any elementary age child: “If you love it so much then why don’t you marry it?”

We took this profound advice to heart and created our FlexiMug, the perfect marriage between the phone you love and the delicious hot beverage served in a mug.

The FlexiMug was no accident though. Our design team tried several other ideas, unsuccessfully, before we found one we loved.

“Cup-of-Phone”: We put an iPhone in a cup of hot coffee for an Apple flavored beverage. “Coffee-Infusion Phone”: We bathed the iPhone in liquid coffee and coffee grounds to infuse the coffee aroma for a caffeinated phone call experience.

The FlexiMug, however, became the perfect blend of both phone case and mug.

You will notice first the vibrant silicone design, creating an anti-slip material in the shape of a mug. The front cover wraps around your iPhone to protect the screen when placed face down. Device specific cutouts allow easy, unrestricted access to your phone’s external controls. The headphone jack, power button, charging dock, speakers, and volume controls all remain unhindered.

Finally, use the FlexiMug as a viewing stand for both horizontal and vertical orientations. The mug’s handle props the phone lengthwise, while the top and bottom of the case supporting standing up on either end.

The FlexiMug: A perfect marriage

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You can find more information about the iPhone 4 FlexiMug and other iPhone 4 cases and covers and iPhone 4 accessories by BoxWave.