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April 25, 2012

New iPad 3 Case - iPad 3 Ardent Red Leather Book Jacket with Strap Now Available for Pre-Order

BoxWave is now accepting pre-orders for the Ardent Red Leather Book Jacket with Strap for the iPad 3!

You will love the durable reinforced stitching, six-point safety system for securing your device, unique strap handhold, and two stable viewing angles that the Leather Book Jacket provides for your iPad 3.

It’s time to take this opportunity to surround your iPad 3 in attractive synthetic leather, all while maintaining a compact profile.

This low-impact design is easy to carry and slim enough to store in a purse, bag, or under the arm. Six corner brackets keep your iPad 3 securely in place. When not in use, the side latch holds the front cover closed to prevent accidental openings.

Built into the inside of the front cover, a 2’’ wide, leather-reinforced, elastic strap creates a handhold that is as practical as it is unique. Use it with your right or left hand for added stability while sitting or standing.

You can find more information about the iPad 3 Ardent Red Leather Book Jacket with Strap and other iPad 3 cases and covers and iPad 3 accessories by BoxWave.