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February 3, 2014

New ClearTouch Antimicrobial Now Available

BoxWave is now shipping the ClearTouch Antimicrobial!

Cell phones are notorious for carrying more germs than most other everyday objects. Now you can protect yourself from those harmful bacteria and keep your screen pristine at the same time with BoxWave’s ClearTouch Anti-Microbial.

Our innovative ClearTouch Anti-Microbial material provides maximum screen protection from dust and harmful scratches while preserving crystal clear optical clarity, and it is infused with silver particles to create a barrier against germs and bacteria.

Made with a firm, high quality dual-layered film, our ClearTouch Anti-Microbial is engineered with precision to fit the exact dimensions of your beloved device. The silver infused material used in the ClearTouch Anti-Microbial is not harmful to your skin.

Additionally, the special glueless adhesive will never leave any sticky residues that may damage your screen. Unlike other brands of screen protectors, you can also re-use the ClearTouch Anti-Microbial screen protector by simply washing the unit with warm water and hand soap to renew the adhesive quality.

Experience the benefits yourself and see why the ClearTouch Anti-Microbial is the best way to enhance your device's screen and shield yourself from harmful germs.

ClearTouch Anti-Microbial: Clear innovation in screen protection.

You can find more information about the ClearTouch Antimicrobial.