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May 25, 2017

New Car Mount - Universal SureGrip MagnetoMount Now Available

BoxWave is now shipping the Universal SureGrip MagnetoMount.Tired of suctions cups failing or the hassle of other car mounts? The new SureGrip MagnetoMount is an innovative approach to mounting your smartphone to the easily reachable vents of your car. With our universal design, the SureGrip MagnetoMount attaches to the air vents of your car for a secure and safe fit without being hard to reach.

The super strong magnetic plate is then attached to your device to support hands free use while on the road. Because the SureGrip MagnetoMount doesn't rely on a bulky cradle to support your device, full 360-degree rotation is a breeze, meaning you can view your screen in portrait or landscape mode with ease. No tools of any kind are needed for this effortless setup. Use all the functions of your phone in the car without the hassle. The SureGrip MagnetoMount Car Mount from BoxWave!

You can find more information about the Universal SureGrip MagnetoMount and other car mounts and accessories by BoxWave.