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December 12, 2016

New Apple iPhone 7 Plus Battery - Apple iPhone 7 Plus RocketPack Case Now Available

BoxWave is now shipping the RocketPack Case for the Apple iPhone 7 Plus!

What part of your smartphone do you use more than any other? The calendar app? Maps? Your camera? Nope, it’s the battery.

Not getting sufficient stretch from your device's battery is so frustrating. Sure, you can shut down all your apps or turn on power saving mode until you reach a charger, but then you can't use all your phone's features to their fullest. Wouldn’t it be great if your charger went with you everywhere, and you could use it without a power outlet? Now you can with the RocketPack by BoxWave.

Portable, On-Demand Charging
Charge without wires, anywhere you happen to be. Simply push the “charge” button on the back of the RocketPack whenever you want a little extra juice. The RocketPack’s power will shut off automatically when your device reaches 100% charge, so none of your backup power is wasted.

Triples Battery Life
The powerful 7500mAh battery of the iPhone 7 Plus RocketPack equates to 2.5 charges of your iPhone 7 Plus, meaning you can get more than 12 hours additional talking, watching videos, playing games and web browsing from a single charge.

Charges Via Lightning Cable
The RocketPack charges with the same Apple Lightning Cable you charge your phone with, reducing clutter, and making for a seamless user experience.

Protective and Easy-to-Install
The polycarbonate casing creates a tough, armored shell for the device. Plus, installation couldn’t be easier; simply slide your iPhone straight down until it docks with the built-in connector.

Stylish Design
Available in a variety of colors and constructed with a slim, lightweight form, the RocketPack will coordinate so seamlessly with your iPhone 7 Plus you might forget it’s there.

Compatible with Wireless Headphones
Like the iPhone 7 Plus itself, the RocketPack is not compatible with 3.5mm or lightning connected audio headphones. Instead it should be used with bluetooth headphones or Apple Airpods.

You can find more information about the Apple iPhone 7 Plus RocketPack Case and other Apple iPhone 7 Plus batteries and Apple iPhone 7 Plus accessories by BoxWave.