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September 4, 2012

New Apple iPad mini (1st Gen/2012) Case - Apple iPad mini (1st Gen/2012) Swivel Stand Case Now Available for Pre-Order

Oh the dreaded task of decision-making. Do I have the cookies or the ice cream for dessert? In true cookies-n-cream, savior like fashion Boxwave’s Swivel Stand Case frees us from at least one impossible decision: horizontal or vertical stand for my device?

Sit back in decision-less bliss as your device fits snugly into the plastic shell backing. Continue to live in a dream like state as the synthetic leather exterior wraps around the front of your tablet with an elastic band to hold it all firmly in place. The Swivel Stand Case then begins to perform its magic.

The rotating wheel on the back of the Swivel Stand Case allows for full 360 degree movement, switching our view from horizontal to vertical, back to horizontal, in the process. The three grooves built into the cover act as three viewing angles to stand your device into, accommodating whichever angle and whatever orientation you prefer.

Ah, the satisfaction of two becoming one. Could anything be more beautiful?

You can find more information about the Apple iPad mini (1st Gen/2012) Swivel Stand Case and other Apple iPad mini (1st Gen/2012) cases and covers and Apple iPad mini (1st Gen/2012) accessories by BoxWave.